Cholaca® Unsweetened Pure Liquid Cacao 32 oz

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Cholaca® allows you to enhance your beer by actually adding chocolate into the beer instead of trying to extract chocolate flavor from cacao nibs or powders, leaving a rich, smooth, chocolate tasting beer!


Storage: Store at room temperature. Cholaca® is aseptic and no refrigeration is required.

Instructions: Prior to use, place Cholaca® in a sink or bucket of hot water from your tap (NOT BOILING HOT). Ensure Cholaca® is fully liquefied before adding. Knead bag if necessary to help break down any chunks.

Cholaca® Dosage Rate: Add 18-32 oz. of Cholaca® per 5 gallons during secondary fermentation depending on how flavor forward you want the chocolate to be. Gently stir.

TIP: To help avoid oxidation, add Cholaca® to the secondary fermenter before racking beer. Once Cholaca® is in the secondary fermenter rack your beer on top of it. This will cut down the amount of stirring needed

Cholaca® Benefits:

Easy to use: Cholaca® is easy to use in the brewing environment. When added post-fermentation, Cholaca® drops out of suspension in several days leaving behind bright, chocolate-enhanced beer. There is also no clogging of filters and virtually no residue.

Consistency: Using Cholaca® in post-fermentation to craft chocolate beers results in a chocolate enhanced (not extracted) flavor. This also creates consistency from batch to batch.

Quality: Cholaca® is made with the best cacao in the world, sourced directly from farmers and co-ops in Ecuador and Colombia. It is completely free of additives and emulsifiers.

Shelf stable: Cholaca® is an aseptic product and can be stored at room temperature.