FermZilla Conical Fermenter - 7.1 gal. / 27 L

$ 129.99

The new and improved FermZilla in 27L brought to you by the critical minds and engineers behind the original Fermentasaurus Gen 1. Although the original Fermentasaurus was revolutionary at the time of its conception, there's always room for improvement. This is partly due to the strong community of Fermentasaurus users who have helped push for an improved conical unitank. The...

Easy Jiggler - Stainless Auto Siphon Racking Cane

$ 29.99

This jiggle siphon is made entirely of stainless steel and includes silicone tubing. Polycarbonate auto siphons are made from multiple pieces that easily crack and break after heavy use or if they're accidentally dropped on the floor. The stainless steel Easy Jiggler will last a lifetime and can be quickly disassembled for cleaning and sanitizing. The perfect option for siphoning...

Torpedo Keg Buoy™ Floating Dip Tube

$ 17.99

Draw the clearest beer possible from first pint to last with the Torpedo Buoy™ floating dip tube. Includes 3" metal dip tube, 23.5" length of 1/4" ID silicone tubing, and stainless steel ball float. Compatible with any ball lock or pin lock homebrew keg. Sized for 5-gallon kegs, but can be shortened for use with 1.5 or 2.5-gallon kegs.

Twin Mint Stout Kit - Brewer's Best

$ 46.99

Twin Mint Stout is fermented with peppermint and spearmint leaves, coupled with a generous dose of cacao nibs, creating a refreshing mint and dark chocolate taste on the front of the palate, followed by notes of dark roasted coffee. A malty background and mild bitterness round this brew out for a treat that is perfect for any cool-weather day.  ABV: 5.0%...

Sweet Dreams Almond Coconut Stout Kit - Brewer's Best

$ 47.99

A creamy, sweet stout featuring Brewer’s Best® Toasted Coconut Chips and Almond Flavoring. With notes of chocolate, coconut and almond this rich brew will be a “joyous” addition to any of your holiday festivities!  ABV: 6.1% - 6.7% IBUs: 43 - 47 Difficulty: Easy

Chocolate Milk Stout Kit - Brewer's Best (Seasonal)

$ 39.99

A chocolate lover's dream... this stout features Brewer's Best® Organic Cacao (Cocoa) Nibs. Subtle and sweet, the cocoa nibs pay homage to the warm, rich roasted coffee and cocoa notes of the chocolate malt. This brew will take you to your childhood when there was nothing better than a large glass of chocolate milk. Enjoy! IBUs: 24 - 28 ABV: 4.5% - 5.2% Difficulty: Intermediate...

Cannular Bench Top Can Seamer

$ 449.99

The Cannular is a manual can seamer that is easy to use, reliable, and beautifully simple. Whether you're a brewery looking to offer canned beer to go or a homebrewer wanting to keep your creations fresh and fully protected from light, the Cannular is the answer. This bench top unit is one of the most compact and easy to use...

DigiBoil Copper Reflux Still Kit 35L (110v)

$ 309.99

Ready to dive into distilling, but unsure how to piece together your home still? Check out these complete systems that will set you on the path to producing high-quality spirits. This kit comes with the 35L DigiBoil Electric Kettle and the Copper Reflux Still Condenser. The Copper Reflux Still Condenser is designed to create high percentage pure neutral spirit.  It...

DigiBoil Copper Pot Still Kit 35L (110v)

$ 299.99

Ready to dive into distilling, but unsure how to piece together your home still? Check out these complete systems that will set you on the path to producing high-quality spirits. This kit comes with the 35L DigiBoil Electric Kettle and the Copper Pot Still Condenser. The Copper Pot Still is perfect when you want the flavor of the wash to...

Anvil Bottle Capper

$ 64.99

The new ANVIL Bottle Capper is rugged and easy to use. From the long heavy gauge base that won’t tip over, the durable metal capping head, and the folding mast for easy storage, you won’t find a more feature rich durable capper on the market! Key Features: One Hand Operation. Heavy Gauge Construction. Large Free-Standing Base – Won’t Tip During...

LalBrew™ New England East Coast Ale Yeast

$ 6.99

LalBrew® New England is an ale strain selected specifically for its ability to produce a unique fruit forward ester profile desired in East Coast styles of beer. A typical fermentation with LalBrew®  New England will produce tropical and fruity esters, notably stone fruits like peach. Through expression of a β-glucosidase enzyme, LalBrew® New England can promote hop biotransformation and accentuate...

LalBrew™ Köln Kölsch Style Ale Yeast

$ 6.99

LalBrew Köln® is ideal for brewing traditional Kölsch-style beers and other neutral ales.  The neutral character of this strain accentuates delicate hop aromas while imparting subtle fruity esters.  Through expression of a beta-glucosidase enzyme LalBrew® Köln can promote hop biotransformation and accentuate hop flavor and aroma. Colder fermentations will be more neutral in character, while warmer fermentations will have more...

WildBrew™ Sour Pitch 10g

$ 16.99

WildBrew™ Sour Pitch is a ready-to-use, high-performance, and high-purity lactic acid bacteria specifically selected for its ability to produce a wide range of sour beer styles. WildBrew™ Sour Pitch produces a clean and balanced citrus flavor profile typical of both traditional and modern sour beer styles. When inoculated at optimal temperature and the right conditions, it is a powerful, safe...

Copper Reflux Still Top

$ 139.99

Want to get started distilling high-quality spirits? This Reflux still top is a great way to do it! It's designed to create high alcohol neutral spirits. You can then add any kind of flavorings to make it the way you want. The flow management design gives you direct control of the reflux ratio which allows you to fine tune how...

Copper Pot Still Top

$ 128.99

If you want to make whiskeys and gins, this pot still top is a great way to start! The classic "V" shape captures the vital esters, aldehydes, and phenolic compounds that are necessary for the complex spirits such as whiskeys and gins. This is only the still top and does not come with a boiler. Use the custom lid to use...