BrewZilla Gen 4 All Grain Brewing System - Pump, Chiller, Wifi, Bluetooth - 35L 9.25 Gal

$ 599.99

WiFi / Bluetooth enabled RAPT Controller tracks your brewday and automatically uploads detailed information to the RAPT portal The top mounted RAPT Controller can be tilted upward for easy viewing, or detached from the unit to mount it on the wall or placed on your bench Mirror polished dome shaped bottom with center drain — get every last bit of...

Steam Condenser Set | 2 in. T.C. | BrewZilla | DigiBoil

$ 169.99

Get to boil faster and increase boil vigor by retaining heat! Manage steam by turning it back into liquid that can later be used for cleaning/sanitizing Avoid the sticky residue that boiling wort can leave on your walls and ceiling Reduce the power consumption during the boil with your BrewZilla or DigiBoil Perfect accessory for indoor brewers! No need to...

Neoprene Jacket & Recirculation Arm Cover | BrewZilla | Gen 4 | 35L

$ 24.99

Add some insulation to your BrewZilla to get better boils! This neoprene jacket will help keep the heat in for quicker and more vigorous boils. Slap it on to speed up heating; take it off to speed up chilling. Also includes a neoprene sleeve for the recirculation arm to reduce heat loss during the mash. This jacket will fit Gen...

Phantasm Thiol Powder 150g (5.3 oz)

$ 17.99

DESCRIPTION:Phantasm is a powder made from Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc grapes. They are incredibly rich in Thiol precursors, which when added correctly to a fermenting beer, can unlock rich, Strong tropical fruit aromas. Our packs contain enough Phantasm for 5 to 10 gallons of beer, depending on your usage rates, yeast selection, hop selection, etc. If you're using a thiolized yeast,...

Omega Yeast OYL-405 Helio Gazer™

$ 10.99

With enhanced Thiolized® capabilities, Helio Gazer™ boosts thiol biotransformation to free thiols 200x above sensory threshold, creating a supernova of tropical, passion fruit flavors and aromas. Even in the juiciest of IPAs, expect robust guava and New Zealand sauvignon blanc-like aromas along with the beloved sturdy haziness of its parent strain, British Ale V. Pair with mash hopping, grape-derived products...

Omega Yeast OYL-403 Lunar Crush®

$ 10.99 (Sold Out)

Put a spin on lager brewing with Lunar Crush®, our distinctively tropical Thiolized® lager strain. Lunar Crush biotransforms thiol precursors from malt, hops, and grape-derived products for a new wave of passion fruit, guava, and New Zealand Sauvignon blanc fruitiness. This isn’t your typical lager yeast—Lunar Crush is the perfect companion for complex, hop-forward styles or even creating something entirely...

Omega Yeast OYL-404 Star Party™ Ale

$ 10.99

A Thiolized™ version of the beloved Chico strain (West Coast Ale I), Star Party™ is a thiol burst with aromas of passion fruit, dank pink guava, and citrus zest. Expect the same clean fermentation profile and clarity as its parental strain, Chico, but with a big burst of thiols that’s perfect for redefining classic styles, juicing up a West Coast...

Omega Yeast OYL-402 Cosmic Punch™ Ale

$ 10.99

A Thiolized™ version of our popular hazy strain, British Ale V (OYL-011), Cosmic Punch™ Ale generates thiols through biotransformation, releasing tropical aromas experienced in southern hemisphere hops and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. This punchy strain unleashes vibrant grapefruit, passion fruit and guava notes. Expect the same performance and haze you get from British V, but with additional thiol aromas. Experiment with...


Kickin' Apple American Light Kit - Brewer's Best (Seasonal)

$ 44.99 $ 38.24

A classic light-bodied and refreshing American Light flavor combines with a slightly sweet apple finish to deliver a genuinely thirst-quenching treat. IBUs: 7 - 10  |  ABV: 4.3% - 53.7%. |  Difficulty: Easy This kit will make a 5 gallon batch. Click here to download instructions (.pdf)


Last Drop Juicy IPA Kit - Brewer's Best

$ 49.99 $ 42.49

Our juicy IPA is a perfect choice for those hot summer days. Light-bodied and refreshing with a slightly sweet finish. Sabro Cryo Hops® and Chinook have this brew bursting with stone fruit, citrus and tropical notes that will keep your taste buds tingling until the last drop IBUs: 25 - 29 | ABV: 4.0 - 4.6% | Difficulty: Advanced This kit will make a...

Hopped Apple Cider Kit - Cider House Select

$ 42.99

Hard cider dry-hopped with Mosaic hops, creating a vibrant, berry-fruit aroma, perfectly complementing the sweet, green apple notes. Make great hard cider at home! These kits make 6 gallons of delicious cider. Lots of flavors to choose from! These kits include juice concentrate and yeast. Simply add water and sugar, ferment for 1 - 2 weeks, then bottle and carbonate...

Inkbird Digital Waterproof Thermometer - Rechargeable

$ 29.99

⏰【The Ultra Fast Food Thermometer responds in 3-5 Seconds】And the instant read smoker meat thermometer support lock readouts when probe is removed. The cooking thermometer calibration from-5℉~5℉ with high accuracy ± 1℃/±2℉ & Temp range of -58℉ ~ 572℉ could keep the high precision after a long period of using. Please note: The charging port is not waterproof, please fully...


Winexpert Classic California Pink Moscato Wine Kit

$ 99.99 $ 84.99

Winexpert Classic California Pink Moscato Wine Kit REGION: California TASTING NOTES:Light and refreshing, with flavors of fresh strawberry, raspberry, and cherry ALCOHOL CONTENT: 8.5% ABV *Alcohol level based on following Winexpert winemaking instructions. SWEETNESS: Sweet   |   BODY: Light   |   OAK: None Love rosé? Then you’ll go mad for Pink Moscato. Light and refreshing, with flavors of fresh strawberry, raspberry, and...

Twisted Mist Pink Lemonade Wine Kit

$ 79.99

Freshly squeezed lemons for the classic taste of pink lemonade with a kick. ABV: 6% | BODY: Light | OAK: None | SWEETNESS: Sweet Ready in 4 weeks; this kit will make a 6 gallon batch.

Twisted Mist Strawberry Lemonade Wine Kit

$ 79.99

Sweet strawberry with the zing of tart lemonade. ABV: 6% | BODY: Light | OAK: None | SWEETNESS: Sweet Ready in 4 weeks; this kit will make a 6 gallon batch.