50 Cal BMG Faucet Tap Handle

$ 17.99

Show everyone you mean business with these 50 caliber BMG tap handles. Made from real, once fired, 50 caliber bullets that are hand polished and coated with an anti-tarnish lacquer. The 50 Caliber BMG is used in all of the military's heavy machine guns. A great addition to any man cave!  Fits all US Faucet levers, 3/8” – 16 UNC (Unified...

Acid Line Cleaner 32 oz

$ 11.99

A blend of acids and detergents that penetrate and quickly remove oxalate and beer stone. HAZMAT - Requires Hazardous Material shipping at additional cost.

Anvil High Precision Digital Scale

$ 19.99

Anvil Brewing Equipment high precision digital scale has a 4”X 4” stainless steel weighing surface and a capacity of 4.4lb (2 KG) and a precision of 0.005 oz. (0.1g)! Perfect for water salt measurements, hops and specialty grains. Selectable g or oz. units. Includes sample tray and protective cover. Batteries included. Imported.

Ball Lock Gas In Stainless Disconnect - Flared

$ 16.49

Torpedo Stainless Steel keg disconnects are solid, heavy duty, and long lasting. This will be the last keg connector you will ever need to buy.  Very high quality, durable and rebuildable.

Catalyst Fermentation System

$ 199.99

The Catalyst represents the future of fermentation simplicity.  Easy to clean, transferless, this is a time-saving piece of equipment which you'll be surprised by the value of.  Boasting a rich set of features, the Catalyst Fermentation System was designed for homebrewers, while keeping true to many pro brewing principles.  Not only will the Catalyst Fermentation System save you time and energy,...

Corny Keg - 5 Gallon Used BALL LOCK

$ 59.99

5 gallon, ball lock, stainless steel, cornelius style tank with single handle and PRV lid. Each keg is pressure tested and comes with a FREE REBUILD KIT. Tanks will show normal wear and tear. Sold As Is.We know some homebrewers are more picky than others, so please keep in mind that these are USED kegs. Some of these kegs are...

Drafto Kit For SS Flip Top Growler

$ 19.99

The Drafto Kit is a great addition to SS Flip Top Growler that allows you to pressurize and preserve your beer for longer. Never have your growler go flat again! It's simple and easy to use; just replace the the original cap on your Ultimate Growler with the Drafto Kit, attach a mini CO2 regulator, pressurize and serve. Note: Does not come with...

Flip Top Palla Growler

$ 13.99

A very cool 2 Liter amber flip top Palla style growler. Features a wide, pot-bellied shape.  Finger carrying hole and wide flip top lid. Thick glass amber glass. Swing top closure provide a very solid seal and  is extremely handy.  Walk into your next get together and it may the only time you hear, "Man, I love your pot belly"....

Grapefruit Shandy Kit - Brewer's Best

$ 32.99

Light bodied with a great balance between bitterness and sweetness. Our grapefruit shandy is tangy, sharp and refreshing. Click here to view kit instructions (.pdf)

Keg King Mini CO2 Regulator

$ 34.99

Made from machined anodised aluminum, this small CO2 charger comes with a regulator to allow you to set a pressure and leave it. Regulator can read 0 - 4.5 BAR (0 - 65 psi). Requires a threaded 16g CO2 cartridge. Note: Does not come with threaded 16g CO2 cartridge or ball lock quick disconnect

Lemon Shandy Kit - Brewer's Best

$ 32.99

Easy drinking with subtle bitterness and moderate sweetness. The lemon provides a fruity citrus taste that is light and refreshing on the palate. Click here to view kit instructions (.pdf)

Stainless Steel Flip Top Growler

$ 24.99

2 L stainless steel growler Double walled. Swing top Dimensions: 4.75 in. Diameter x 12 in. Height; Holds 67 oz