Briess Pale Ale Malt 3.5L

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Pound or Ounce

Malt Type: Base Malt
Grain Origin: North America
Wort Color: 3.5 °Lovibond
Protein: 11.7%
Moisture: 4.0% max.
Extract (dry): 80.0% min.
Diastatic Power: 85
Usage: 100% max.

 Rich malty flavor with hints of biscuit and nutlike flavors, contributes golden color. Slightly darker than regular 2 row brewers malt.

Use as a rich malty 2-Row base malt. A fully modified, high extract, low protein malt, Briess Pale Ale is not just a darker 2-Row Base Malt. The unique recipe for Briess Pale Ale Malt production involves careful monitoring of the kiln drying process and specialized temperature rests that result in the development of its unique flavor.

Sufficient enzyme level to support the inclusion of even the most demanding specialty malts without extending the brewing cycle.

Produced in the U.S.A. from AMBA/BMBRI recommended 2-Row malting varieties

Up to 100%: Ales (an exception being Koelsch) and rich, full flavored dark beers.

10% or more: All but the lightest beer styles for additional flavor. Especially helpful for developing warm, malty and toasty flavors. 

10-15%: High gravity beers like a Bock Beer, more in low gravity beers.