Big Boy Breakfast Stout All Grain Kit

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Oatmeal, coffee, chocolate & beer - balanced breakfast in a glass... for adults. Packed full of complex specialty and coffee malts for big notes of chocolate and roasted coffee, and flaked oats for a thick, chewy mouth feel. Topped off with whole bean coffee, this beer is a coffee connoisseur’s dream.

Please note: coffee beans are not included.
Rice hulls strongly recommended.

You should only have to pay for what you want! So, we sell our kits as a base recipe with a handful of add-ons you can select. Our extract kits always come with all the necessary grain steeping bags. We offer dry yeast options by default due to ice pack needs and shelf life of liquid yeast. If you would like to go with one of the liquid yeasts recommended, select the NO YEAST option and add your desired liquid yeast to the cart separately. If you would like bottle caps and priming sugar, simply check those options under kit add-ons, the caps will be a silver 72-count package. Our kits come packaged in multi-chambered bags to keep costs low. If you would like your kit packaged in a fancy branded box instead, just check the fancy box option.


Malts 7.0 lbs. Muntons Maris Otter
2.0 lbs. Flaked Oats
1.0 lb. Briess Extra Special malt
1.0 lb. Swaen Coffee malt
8 oz. Briess Carapils malt
8 oz. Briess Chocolate malt
8 oz. Briess Midnight Wheat
2 oz. Briess Black Barley
Hops 1.0 oz. Willamette @ 45 min
1.0 oz. Willamette @ 5 min
Coffee Beans 2.0 oz. Coffee Beans (optional / not included)
Yeast LalBrew BRY-97
Omega OYL-04
Wyeast 1056


Yield 5 Gallons
Original Gravity (OG) 1.062
Final Gravity (FG) 1.018
ABV. 6.0%
IBU 20
SRM 44.0
Efficiency 72%


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