Omega Yeast OYL-406 Little DIPA™

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Little DIPA™ is a Thiolized® version of the ​“Conan” strain DIPA Ale, widely used for DIPAs and New England IPAs. Little DIPA pairs its signature peach ring and apricot aromas with robust thiols and adds a little boost to your hoppy beers. Expect no diacetyl production.

Thiolized® process
The Thiolized® process enhances a yeast’s ability to biotransform compounds found in malt and hops to unleash thiols — flavor- and aroma-active compounds reminiscent of grapefruit, passion fruit, and guava. Many brewers who include dry hopping in their processes are already familiar with the concept of biotransformation, or the development of new aromas and flavors due to yeast interacting with hop compounds.

What is DKO Technology?
DKO stands for Diacetyl Knock Out — a technology that knocks out diacetyl formation before it starts. Each strain utilizing DKO Technology expresses the ALDC enzyme, allowing you to streamline efficiency and quality without the diacetyl hang-up.


  • Flocculation: Medium-Low
  • Attenuation: 72 - 80%
  • Temperature Range: 65–72° F (18–22° C)
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 11% ABV