Oxygen Regulator - Oxygenation System

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This kit comes with everything you need to oxygenate your wort with a disposable oxygen tank.

This is the most effective to way to oxygenate your wort, it is much quicker and more efficient than air pump systems. The diffusion stone is .5 micron to ensure maximum dispersion of oxygen into your wort. using this setup, you should achieve adequate oxygen levels in your wort in just a couple of minutes.

This oxygenation system works great for introducing more oxygen in your wort for healthy fermentation and also helps energize yeast during stuck fermentations. Many brewers that experience slow or no fermentation have great results using this kit to get the fermentation going.

This system also helps ensure the yeast ferments completely resulting in lower final gravity readings. Without introducing oxygen into the wort, a typical light beer will generally finish around 1.015, but when you oxygenate properly, you should be hitting  a lower FG around 1.008 - 1.010.

We recommend boiling the diffusion stone for 10 to 15 minutes to ensure it is properly sterilized before dropping it into your wort. You can also purchase an inline air filter to ensure pure, clean, oxygen is infusing with your wort.