MonsterMesh Strainer for FermMonster Carboys
$ 5.99

The MonsterMesh is perfect for adding dry hops to your beer! Keep your dry hopping on a precise schedule by adding them to this mesh sleeve inside the Fermonster Plastic Carboy, then easily pull them out after the desired contact time.

This mesh sleeve is custom made for the FerMonster Plastic Carboy. The plastic ring sits inside the neck of the fermenter, and the lid can be secured on top to make an airtight seal. The ring actually holds onto the neck of the FerMonster so there's no risk of the mesh sleeve falling into the carboy.

Made from food-grade materials, the #50 mesh will not affect the flavor of the beer or wine, and is temperature rated to 122°F. Designed for multiple uses, the MonsterMesh can be cleaned in the dishwasher and sanitized with the sanitizer of your choice.

The MonsterMesh can be used alongside the MiniMesh to hold multiple additions. The MonsterMesh will sit on the neck of the carboy, and the MiniMesh can be inserted through the stopper hole in the lid. This way you can have two different infusions starting or stopping at different times.