Monster Mill MM3G Geared 3 Roller Kit

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The MM-3G Kit Consists of the MM-3G mill described below with the base, hopper, feeler gauge, and oil. DO NOT run this mill backward under any circumstances, you MUST turn the drive shaft ONLY clockwise to feed grain down into the gap.

It's finally here. We have added gears to the already successful MM-3 to create the new MM-3G. Basically, a scaled-down version of the already famous MM-3ProG. The drive shaft spins one top roller that drives the other top roller through a set of alloy steel gears. Grain from the top fixed gap is force-fed to the adjustable gap between the main drive roller and the bottom third roller. Super reliable feeding is now a given for your hard-core homebrew operation. The most advanced in our line of 3-Roller Home Brewing Monster Mills, The MM-3G is a further upgrade of our already successful MM-3. The MM-3G comes standard with two 1215 alloy steel gears driving two 1.5" diameter 1144 alloy steel rollers, with a third idler roller providing a second crush through an adjustable gap, solid 303 stainless steel knobs, as well as the 1/2" drive shaft with three flats for drill drive. The rollers are 6" long just like all our homebrewing mills. With all the great features of our already popular MM-3, but with gears for positive feeding. The MM-3G crushes all your grain twice, with one pass through the mill. It starts with a preliminary crush through the initial fixed gap of 0.070” between the top two rollers, and then ends with a pass through the adjustable second gap (0.028->0.055) between the drive shaft roller, and the bottom third roller. The initial pass slightly flattens the grain, and gets it ready for the next crush, that breaks apart the grains and loosens the starch with minimal husk damage. 

The MM-3G consists of 6061 aluminum block frames with three 6" long 1.5" diameter 1144 alloy steel rollers riding on Oilite™ oil-impregnated bronze bushings, while the third idler roller rides in bushings that are offset mounted in an adjustable knob.  The stainless steel knob is held in a fixed position by a thumbscrew that you can loosen to adjust the mill. This system provides an adjustment range of .070". The knobs are turned from solid 303 stainless steel bar stock for excellent durability. The skirt flange has a small cookie bite aligned with the eccentric offset that allows you to know how your offset adjustment is aligned. They have additional slots for a positive grip. For the rollers, we use a superior grade of steel that is much harder (1144 alloy) than what is found on most comparable products. The drive shaft and all the axles are integral to the roller rather than screwed into the ends. All the axles have minimal free play in the bushings for long-lasting reliable life. This mill comes standard with the 1/2" drive shaft. We recommend a name-brand corded 1/2" drill to turn this mill. Wimpy house special weak drills will release the smoke from the load. Suitable for the most discriminating serious hard-core home brewer that wants the very best, the MM-3G is our flagship homebrewer model, the best of the best.

We highly recommend that you purchase our base and hopper.  All current bases come standard with precision drilled alignment holes, dowel pins, and matching holes in all our Pro Frames, as well as the smaller MM-3 mill. To take advantage of this feature, you need to purchase our base and hopper along with your mill for precision frame alignment, and superior roller motion. You'll also need a high-quality corded drill to drive this beast. Our hand crank does NOT fit this mill as supplied, nor is it recommended for any of our Pro series mills.

This mill will NOT mill corn and doesn't work well with rye by itself.  It is designed for barley and wheat malt, and un-malted wheat.  For corn see the 2Pro, or the 2ProPD.