Jockey Box Rental (Not for Purchase)

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Got a grad party to host? Wedding coming up? Tailgating with the guys? Any event where ice-cold beer on tap would, not only be convenient, but also really cool...

You need a jockey box!

A jockey box is a portable draft beer dispensing system. We start with a quality cooler that can hold ice all day. The cooler is then modified to be fitted with draft beer dispensing equipment that run through 50-foot stainless coils inside the cooler. The cooler is filled with ice, keeping the coils inside ice cold. Your kegs are hooked up via our optional connection kit, or with your own taps if you have an existing kegerator or draft system. As the beer runs through stainless coils inside the cooler, the beer is cooled and dispensed ice-cold, all day long.

At the moment, we have a 2 tap jockey box available. This allows you to dispense 2 different beers at once.

Jockey box rental fees:
- $30 jockey box rental fee per day
- $20 connection kit rental fee (optional) per day
- $70 jockey box DEPOSIT (refunded upon return)
- $80 connection kit DEPOSIT (refunded upon return)
- Example: Renting jockey box and connection kit, cost is $50 per day plus a $150 deposit. $200 due upon pickup, $150 refunded upon return.
- Example: Renting jockey box only, cost is $30 per day plus a $70 deposit. $100 due upon pickup, $70 refunded upon return.

Jockey box rental process
- Contact us for availability before booking
- Jockey box rental is for one day (24 hours)
- All rental fees and deposits are due upon pickup
- Rental equipment agreement is signed upon pickup
- Deposits are refunded upon return, after inspection
- Please book jockey box at least a week in advance. This gives us time to rebuild, repair and clean before your pickup.
- Connection kit includes: Co2 tank (filled), co2 regulator, beer and gas lines, sanke tap couplers (or corny keg couplers), co2 splitter, clamps.

Please contact us via phone or email before booking. We will go through the entire process in detail, verify availability, and make sure we get you everything you need to get up and running.