Dual Gauge Oxygen Regulator for Disposable Tanks

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Infusing your wort with pure oxygen immediately before pitching yeast is the best way to get your fermentation started faster and finished cleaner.

This dual gauge oxygen regulator is compatible with standard disposable O2 tanks and provides a higher level of control when pumping oxygen into your wort. Using the adjustment knob, you can dial in the psi of the gas leaving the tank, leading to more consistent results. We recommend oxygenating wort using a 0.5 micron diffusion stone.


  • Attach the regulator to your oxygen tank
  • Turn the pressure up to 10-20 psi
  • Immerse diffusion stone in wort for 1-2 minutes
  • Please note: your wort must be chilled to yeast pitching temperature before adding oxygen. It is much more difficult for oxygen to dissolve into solution when the wort is still warm.