Dingemans Cara 45 Malt 45L

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Pound or Ounce

Malt Type: Crystal / Caramel
Grain Origin: Belgium
Wort Color: 45 °Lovibond (120 EBC)
Protein: 12.5% max.
Moisture: 6% max.
Extract (dry): 74% min.
Diastatic Power:
Usage: 15% max.

Cara 45 malt is made from 6 row winter barley. The Cara 45 is a darker caramel malt use by a lot of Belgian breweries in producing Abbey beers. The malt is produced in the drum. The malt will impart a rich caramel-sweet arome and full flavor, as well as intense dark color.

Usage: Belgian Abbey and Trappist beers, Pale Ale, Golden Ale