Briess Blackprinz Malt (Debittered) 500L

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Pound or Ounce

Malt Type: Roasted
Grain Origin: North America
Wort Color: 500 °Lovibond (1330 EBC)
Moisture: 6.0% max.
Extract (dry):
Diastatic Power: 0 °Lintner
Usage: 10% max.

Flavor and color characteristics: Bitterless Black Malt, subtle / smooth, no bitter astringent dry flavors or aftertaste,  very delicate, clean flavor. Mild roasted malty flavor with dark brown to black tones. Blackprinz® Malt is produced from hulless barley. Blackprinz® Malt will contribute the same color characteristics as Black Malt but without the bitter, astringent, dry flavors or aftertaste. Use as replacement to debittered black malt. Excellent in Black IPAs, Schwarzbiers, other dark ales and lagers and for color adjustment in any beer style

- 1-2%: Minor color adjustment with little to no flavor impact in lighter colored lagers and ales.

- 2-5%: Adds color with subtle, smooth flavor.

- 5-10%: Use in larger quantities for color plus mild roasted malty flavor.