Flaked Barley (Unmalted)

$ 2.49

All of our flakes are pregelatinized, which enables the brewer to produce an unlimited variety of beer styles without using a cereal cooker. Flaked Barley produces lighter color in the final beer without lowering final gravity. Adds protein for body and head retention. Used especially for stouts. Flaked barley must be mashed with base malt. Lovibond: 1.4

Flaked Maize / Corn (Unmalted)

$ 2.49

Pre-gelatinized, starch content contributes alcohol but little flavor. Imparts a roundness, sparkle and golden quality. 89.9% extract Lovibond: 0.8 Popular in the production of pre-prohibition pilsners. Adds subtle sweetness.

Flaked Oats (Unmalted)

$ 3.19

These premier brewing oats from Briess Malting Company are the ideal oats for making that epic Oatmeal Stout. But they are not limited to Oatmeal Stouts, oats will add a silky texture to any beer you make! Experiment and leave us a review of what you used them in and how it came out. Since oats have a higher fat...

Flaked Rice (Unmalted)

$ 2.49

Lovibond: 1 Provides more fermentables without increasing body and flavor.

Flaked Rye (Unmalted)

$ 2.49

Pregelatinized. Rye Flakes contribute a very clean, distinctive rye flavor. Use up to 40% as a cereal adjunct in the total grist to create rye Beer. Start at 5-10% and increase in increments of 5% because of the concentrated flavor of Rye Flakes..

Flaked Wheat (Unmalted)

$ 2.49

Flaked White Wheat offers the benefits of unmalted wheat in a convenient flaked form. Unmalted wheat has a strong grain flavor, and a very light straw color. It is used in many traditional Belgian styles to add flavor and cloudiness, and improve head formation. Unlike raw, whole grains, the starch in flaked wheat is pre-gelatinized, so a separate cereal mash...

Simpsons Golden Naked Oats 10L

$ 2.69

Malt Type: Crystal/CaramelGrain Origin: United KingdomWort Color: 5-10 °LovibondProtein: 11.9% max.Moisture: 6.0% max.Extract (dry): Diastatic Power: 0° LintnerUsage: 10% max.  If you've never brewed with it, you've probably never brewed with anything like it. While most oats used in brewing are unmalted adjuncts, Simpsons Golden Naked Oats® is actually a huskless crystal malt. This unique malt has a subtle, nutty...