Avangard Pilsen Malt 1.5L - 55 lb Bag

$ 69.99

Malt Type: Base / SpecialtyGrain Origin: GermanyWort Color: 1.5 °LovibondProtein: 11% max.Moisture: 4.5% max.Extract (dry): 81.0% min.Diastatic Power: 220 min.Usage: 10-100% max. Avangard Pilsner malts are made from the finest two row spring barley grown in the most prominent regions, such as Germany, France, Denmark, and England. Pilsner malt can be used up to 100% for pale beers like pilsners, hells, kolsch, and acts as...

Briess 2 Row Brewers Malt 1.8L - 50 lb Bag

$ 54.99

Malt Type: Base MaltGrain Origin: North AmericaWort Color: 1.8 °LovibondProtein: 11.5%Moisture: 4.2% max.Extract (dry): 80.5% min.Diastatic Power: 140Usage: 100% max.   Clean, sweet, mild malty flavor, contributes light straw color. Use as a base malt for all beer styles. Slightly higher yield than 6-Row Malt, slightly lower protein than 6-Row Malt. Briess 2-Row Malt is malted in small batches, making it an excellent fit...

Briess Pale Ale Malt 3.5L - 50 lb Bag

$ 55.99

Malt Type: Base MaltGrain Origin: North AmericaWort Color: 3.5 °LovibondProtein: 11.7%Moisture: 4.0% max.Extract (dry): 80.0% min.Diastatic Power: 85Usage: 100% max.  Rich malty flavor with hints of biscuit and nutlike flavors, contributes golden color. Slightly darker than regular 2 row brewers malt. Use as a rich malty 2-Row base malt. A fully modified, high extract, low protein malt, Briess Pale Ale is not just a...

Briess Pilsen Malt 1L - 50 lb Bag

$ 59.99

Malt Type: Base MaltGrain Origin: North AmericaWort Color: 1.0 °LovibondProtein: 11.3%Moisture: 4.5% max.Extract (dry): 80.5% min.Diastatic Power: 140Usage: 100% max. Clean, sweet, delicate malty flavor. Very light color contribution, lightest colored base malt available. Exceptionally light colored 2-Row base malt that produces a very light colored, clean, crisp wort.  Use as a base malt for all beer styles. Excellent choice for lagers,...

Briess White Wheat Malt 2.5L - 50 lb Bag

$ 79.99

Malt Type: Base MaltGrain Origin: North AmericaWort Color: 2.5 °LovibondProtein: 12.0%Moisture: 4.0% max.Extract (dry): 85.0% min.Diastatic Power: 160Usage: 100% max. Gives a malty flavor not obtained with raw wheat. Provides a deep golden to brown color. Typical Color L: 2.5 Flavor contributions: sweet, malty, wheat, floury. Use as part or all of base malt in wheat beers. When using more than 50% consider...

Great Lakes Malting 2 Row Pale Malt 3.5L - 50 Pound Bag

$ 84.99 (Sold Out)

Malt Type: Base MaltGrain Origin: MichiganWort Color: 2.0 - 5.0 °LovibondProtein: 11.5%Moisture: 4.0% max.Extract (dry): 80.0% min.Diastatic Power: 85Usage: 100% max.This 2 Row pale ale malt is grown by local farmers in Michigan and processed / malted by Great Lakes Malting in Traverse City, Michigan.This is an appropriate base malt for many beer styles with a golden yellow color.This pale malt has a subtle malty flavor...

Muntons Maris Otter Malt 3L - 55 lb Bag

$ 94.99

Malt Type: Base MaltGrain Origin: Great BritainWort Color: 3.0 °Lovibond Protein:  9.1%Moisture: 3.5% max.Extract (dry): 81.0% min.Diastatic Power: Usage: 100% Maris Otter has long been a favorite of English breweries, thanks to its rich, nutty flavor and its low protein which allows it to clear quickly. Great base malt for any beer recipe. Typical Color L: 3.0

Simpsons Golden Promise Malt 2.5L - 55 lb Bag

$ 89.99 (Sold Out)

Malt Type: BaseGrain Origin: United KingdomWort Color: 2.1-2.8 °Lovibond (4-6 EBC)Protein: 9.5%Moisture: 3.5% max.Extract (dry): 81% min.Diastatic Power: Usage: 100% max. Simpsons Finest Pale Ale Golden Promise™ pale malt, made from the eponymous spring barley variety, is a UK classic. Historically the Scottish analog to English Maris Otter malts, Golden Promise™ is well used in any English or Scottish style...