NZ Moutere™ Pellet Hops 8 Ounce (2019)

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Alpha: 15.1%  |  Beta: 8.0 - 10.0% | Total Oil: 1.7 ml oil per 100gm

A brand new New Zealand hop variety!

A high alpha hop with distinctive tropical, grapefruit and passion fruit characters.

Moutere is a big hop delivering high alpha acid with a generous weight of oil while its lower cohumulone provides a soft well-structured but solid bitterness.

Pedigree: Parentage from the New Zealand variety Southern Cross and a selected New Zealand male.

Brewing Usage: Dual Purpose

Aroma: Sensory panels describe the flavors and aromas in the finished beer to be that of grapefruit, tropical, passionfruit, intense fruit, citrus, and resinous pine.

Typical Beer Styles: IPAs, Pale Ales, NEIPA, Ale, etc.

Additional Information: Developed at New Zealand's Plant and Food Research and released in 2015.

Pronounced:  “Mowterry, mow as in crow and terry as in berry.”