Belgian Caramel Wit Kit - Brewer's Best (Seasonal)

$ 40.99 (Sold Out)

A refreshing spring seasonal recipe similar to classic white ale though slightly darker in color. We've incorporated Simplicity Belgian Candi Syrup from our friends at Candi Syrup, Inc. Premium candi syrup and caramel malts lend high fermentability and honey sweetness that complement the spicy characteristics from the yeast. This aromatic and flavorful ale is the prefect welcome to the spring...

Blueberry Honey Ale Kit - Brewer's Best

$ 45.99

Our Blueberry Honey Ale presents a thick, white head with an aroma of luscious blueberries. Light-bodied, and finishing with a touch of honey sweetness, this brew is a treat for any time of day. IBUs:16 - 19 ABV: 5.2% - 5.7% Difficulty: Easy This kit will make a 5 gallon batch. Click here to download instructions (.pdf)

Chili Lime Cerveza Kit - Brewer's Best

$ 37.99 (Sold Out)

Crisp, clean and lightly hopped with a refreshing up front lime flavor. We add a spicy kick with habanero flavoring for a unique drinking experience. This brew is best served cold with a fresh slice of lime. ABV: 4.4% - 4.9% IBUs: 14 - 18 Difficulty: Easy

Extra IPA Rotator Series (Delta) - Brewer's Best

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This Extra IPA - Hop Rotator Series recipe is designed to showcase the flavor and aromatic qualities of the specially selected hops. This series currently features Delta hops.  Caramel and Munich malts lend their sweetness while the special hop blend dominates the palate. The hops in this kit will change periodically keeping the flavor new and exciting.  IBUs: 48 - 52 ABV: 7.0%...

Grapefruit IPA Kit - Brewer's Best

$ 43.99

Grapefruit peel and generous amounts of hops deliver a bouquet of floral and citrus aromas. A small addition of imported specialty malt brings balance while the natural grapefruit flavoring takes your senses to a tropical paradise. IBUs:45 - 49 | ABV: 5.6% - 6.1% | Difficulty: Easy This kit will make a 5 gallon batch. Click here to download instructions...

Holiday Ale Kit - Brewer's Best (Seasonal)

$ 44.99 (Sold Out)

This full-bodied amber beer has a rich, malty character that is flavored with orange peel, cinnamon and other spices. It is a complex winter brew balanced with high alpha-acid hops. At 7- 8% this strong ale will be sure to warm you throughout the festive holiday season. IBUs: 55 - 60 ABV: 5.6% - 6.0% Difficulty: Easy This kit will make a 5 gallon batch.

Mexican Cerveza Kit - Brewer's Best

$ 35.99

Straw in color, our Mexican Cerveza has a crisp, clean flavor profile. Lightly hopped, with a great balance between malt and bitterness, while a small dose of lime peel adds a touch of citrus aroma. Thirst quenching, this brew is best served ice-cold with slice of lemon or lime. IBUs: 14 - 18 ABV: 4.4% - 4.9% Difficulty: Easy This kit will...

Pumpkin Spice Porter Kit - Brewer's Best (Seasonal)

$ 38.99

This seasonal release autumn ale is the perfect companion to the changing seasons - from harvest to the holidays! The recipe starts with Briess CBW® Porter base extract partenered with Caramel 90L, Carabrown®and dark chocolate steeping grains. To spice things up we added cinnimon, allspice and a hint of ginger. The selected hop additions provide a mild balance in bitterness...

Toasted Coconut Cream Ale Kit - Brewer's Best

$ 29.99

We use biscuit malt, lactose and natural coconut flavoring to create an ale that is light bodied and sweet like a slice of coconut cream pie. This flavorful brew will quench your thirst and take care of that sweet tooth all in one sip. IBUs:10 - 14 | ABV: 4.4% - 4.6% | Difficulty: Easy This kit will make a 5...

Watermelon Wheat Kit - Brewer's Best (Seasonal)

$ 37.99

We’ve used a classic wheat beer recipe for thebackbone of this brew and given it a twist of fruit by adding Brewer’s Best® Natural Watermelon Flavoring. Keeping all the attributes of wheat beer you love while finishing with a touch of watermelon flavor and aroma. AAAHH-refreshing! IBUs: 10 - 14 ABV: 4.8% - 5.3% Difficulty: Easy This kit will make...

White Chocolate Blonde Stout Kit - Brewer's Best

$ 40.99 (Sold Out)

A blonde beer that has the spirit of a dark, rich stout. The deep, roasted flavors come from specially selected malts and the addition of premium organic cacao nibs. A dose of natural white chocolate flavoring makes this a complex and deliciouslydrinkable beer. IBUs: 10 - 14 ABV: 4.3% - 4.8% Difficulty: Easy This kit will make a 5 gallon...

Yellin' Melon Extra Pale Kit - Brewer's Best

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Our twist on this pale ale recipe features a golden-light hue with a light, crisp body and smooth bitterness. Honeydew flavor and aroma from the German Huell Melon hops and natural melon flavoring linger on the palate. This brew embodies drinkability. IBUs:29 - 33 ABV: 4.2% - 4.7% Difficulty: Easy This kit will make a 5 gallon batch. Click here to download instructions (.pdf)