We are proud to add Monster Mills to our lineup! After years of testing various mills we have concluded that the Monster Mills from Monster Brewing Hardware are the best mills, hands down. After lengthy conversations with the owner of Monster Brewing Hardware about the design, hardware and components, we are confident that these really are the best mills on the market!

We are starting off with the standard MM2 and MM3 mill kits. If you have custom requests, please let us know and we will be happy to  special order your mill.

Monster Mill MM2 2 Roller Kit

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The MM2 Kit includes MM2 base with 1144 Steel rollers & 3/8" shaft, a wooden base, the 11-pound steel hopper, mineral oil and feeler gauge set. Introducing the newest player in the home brewer mill market. This is a fresh design meant to compete and win against the best milling products available. It consists of a 6061 aluminum block frame with two 6"...

Monster Mill Grain Hopper Extension

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At NHC 2010 several of you complained that our hopper just didn't hold enough grist for your tastes. Well, we at Monster Brewing Hardware always like a challenge, so our head hopper designer came up with an extension to please all of you. Total capacity is up to 39lbs, perfect for all 10-gallon batch sizes, and a single hopper fill. Made...

Monster Mill MM3G Geared 3 Roller Kit

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The MM-3G Kit Consists of the MM-3G mill described below with the base, hopper, feeler gauge, and oil. DO NOT run this mill backward under any circumstances, you MUST turn the drive shaft ONLY clockwise to feed grain down into the gap. It's finally here. We have added gears to the already successful MM-3 to create the new MM-3G. Basically,...