Fruit Press #25 - 50 lb. Capacity

$ 419.99

*NOTE: This is currently only available for in store pickup. This classic ratcheting style fruit press is affordable and easy to use at home. Wood slats on the side with a painted base and stand. Basket size is 10" D x 14" H. 5 Gallon capacity. For use with soft fruits only. Wood basket presses offer time-proven performance at affordable pricing. Additional sizes...

Manual Fruit Crusher - 20" x 30" Hopper

$ 299.99

*NOTE: This is currently only available for in store pickup. Manual crusher with paddle-style auger. Aluminum rollers, steel painted hopper and, nylon gears and plastic fly wheel. Designed for crushing grapes, but will also work with other small fruits (raspberries, strawberries, etc.) Specifications: Capacity 1100 - 1545 lb/h (500-700 kg/h) Hopper dimension 30 x 20 in (850x560mm)

Mini Fruit Press - 20 cm x 17 cm

$ 199.99

Our Mini press is great for pressing small quantities of fruit, herbal tinctures, cheese, and more. The stainless steel perforated basket keeps the product in, while the outer basin with pour spout directs the liquid to your collection container. The perforated basket and outer basin are made of stainless steel. The pressing plate and base are made from aluminum. The...