Crimson Rose Kit (Seasonal)-Brewer's Best

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Knocking down barriers between wine and beer, our rosé ale is crisp and effervescent, featuring a gentle pink hue. A touch of hibiscus lends light floral notes and a wine-like acidity, while the late addition of Nelson Sauvin hops gives a light wine “fruitiness” with fresh crushed gooseberry and grape infused flavors. IBUs: 26 - 30 | ABV: 4.06 - 4.60% | Difficulty: Easy...

Holiday Ale Kit - Brewer's Best (Seasonal)

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This full-bodied amber beer has a rich, malty character that is flavored with orange peel, cinnamon and other spices. It is a complex winter brew balanced with high alpha-acid hops. At 7- 8% this strong ale will be sure to warm you throughout the festive holiday season. IBUs: 55 - 60 ABV: 5.6% - 6.0% Difficulty: Easy This kit will make a 5 gallon batch.

Kickin' Apple American Light Kit - Brewer's Best (Seasonal)

$ 44.99

A classic light-bodied and refreshing American Light flavor combines with a slightly sweet apple finish to deliver a genuinely thirst-quenching treat. IBUs: 7 - 10  |  ABV: 4.3% - 53.7%. |  Difficulty: Easy This kit will make a 5 gallon batch. Click here to download instructions (.pdf)


Lazy Lemon Radler Kit - Brewer's Best (Seasonal)

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No other brew epitomizes summer like our Lazy Lemon Radler! It’s the ultimate blend of two classic beverages, lemonade, and pilsen beer. An innovative twist to the popular shandy, its crisp, clean, pilsen character and blend of juicy ripe lemon make this radler the perfect summertime refreshment. IBUs: 14 - 16  |  ABV: 3.9% - 4.3%  |  Difficulty: Easy This kit will make...

Pumpkin Spice Porter Kit - Brewer's Best (Seasonal)

$ 43.99

This seasonal release autumn ale is the perfect companion to the changing seasons - from harvest to the holidays! The recipe starts with Briess CBW® Porter base extract partenered with Caramel 90L, Carabrown®and dark chocolate steeping grains. To spice things up we added cinnimon, allspice and a hint of ginger. The selected hop additions provide a mild balance in bitterness...

Summer Ale Kit - Brewer's Best (Seasonal)

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Pleasant citrus notes come from the bitter orange and lemon peel. Fermented with premium Safale US - 05 dry yeast, this beer finishes clean with lingering flavors of citrus and spice. Crisp and refreshing. IBUs: 18 - 20  |  ABV: 4.0% - 5.0%  |  Difficulty: Easy This kit will make a 5 gallon batch. Click here to download instructions (.pdf)