Airlock - 3 Piece Style


This style airlock works well for both carboys and buckets, for beer and wine. These airlocks show less bubbles than the s style airlocks, but they do break down easily to clean. These airlocks can be used multiple times. 

Airlock - S Style Twin Bubble


The advantage of this type of airlock is that they do have a smaller chamber so you can more closely observe the CO2 rising and therefore the rate of fermentation. They are also handy when you are cooling a beer as there is less chance of sucking airlock water back into the fermentation. The down side is that they cannot...

Breathable Silicone Bung #7

(Sold Out)

The silicone breathing bung can function as an airlock for extended aging of beer and wine. Made of natural white silicone, the bung has vent holes through the center, and a silicone flapper that fits tightly against the holes. This allows gasses to escape by pushing up against the flapper, and then the valve shuts protecting the product from contamination.#7...

Rubber Grommet For Plastic Buckets


This rubber grommet is a direct replacement for any of our plastic bucket lid grommets. These grommets can also be used to turn other vessels into fermentors quickly and easily. These grommets will fit in a 1/2" drilled hole and leave a 3/8" opening, perfect for an airtight fit around an airlock.