Mash Paddle - Michigan Maple 28"

$ 26.99 (Sold Out)

Our mash paddles are hand made from Michigan hard maple trees, cut within 150 miles of Devereaux Saw Mill located in Ionia County. They are left raw and untreated, meaning no chemicals, oils or stains to contaminate your brews. Perfect for busting up some dough balls!

Mash Paddle - 36" Stainless w/ Holes

$ 39.99

Having problems stirring your mash? Not with this new 100% Stainless Steel Mash Paddle! At 36 inches long, this paddle is perfect for any size mash tun. The paddle itself is a solid piece of stainless steel with 11 half-inch holes drilled in it to allow grain to pass through, while at the same time breaking up any dough balls....