Stainless Weldless 1/2" Ball Valve


This is the best weldless ball valve design we have come across. These weldless fittings are designed for brewing. There is no comparison to the weldless fittings of the past with their rock-solid feel and a solid leak free connection. Perfect for DIY mash tuns or upgrading a kettle without welded ports. This unit is also unique in that it features 1/2" female threads...

Anvil 21" Swirly - Whirlpool Arm

(Sold Out)

This 21" whirlpool works perfectly with the 10.5 Gallon Foundry, brew kettles, and any other brewing system. The rotating rubber piece allows it to secure to the side of any vessel, no matter the thickness. The Swirly™ uses a 1/2" Straight Pipe Thread for hose connections and includes a hose barb for connecting your water supply. Patent pending. The 21"...

Stainless Ball Valve 1/2" Full Port


Our Ball Valves will last for years. Easy to clean. High grade 304-stainless made to last. 1/2" FPT on input and output side.TIP: You can take a ball valve apart using two crescent wrenches. This will allow you to open up the valve to get to the ball and the two PTFE gaskets that form the seal when closed. To...

Stainless 3 Piece Ball Valve 1/2"


This is our deluxe, heavy duty ball-valve that can be taken apart for easy cleaning. 1/2" female pipe thread inlet and outlet. Made from 304-type stainless steel.