To our valued customers, fans and supporters:

After 2 successful years of business, thanks to all of your support, we have evaluated our strengths and weaknesses to better prepare us for continued success in the future. We have concluded that a name change is in order to supplement our growing store and customer base, as well as the direction our store is headed.

Hop Craft Supply Co. is born!

Our store is no longer reliant on just home brewing supplies. We are constantly expanding our offerings for wine, cider, mead, spirits and other related crafts. That being said, we feel that Hop Craft will portray that message well, while helping prepare us for longevity.


Simply put, things are only going to get better for our customers.

We will continue to expand our vast selection of home brewing supplies, but we will also be adding onto our selection of wine, cider, mead and spirit making products.

Nothing else major beyond that is changing. No new ownership or management. No changes in pricing, location, phone numbers, shipping, store layout, etc.
To sum it all up, just a slight change of our name and logo, accompanied by an increased selection and a larger portfolio.

Any coupons, gift cards, punch cards, promo materials, etc. with the Hop Head Brew Supply name / logo will still be honored, no questions asked.
This name change will be an on going process.
We will not get everything changed over night. You can expect to see new logos on our website and other digital media first. Followed by new signage on our building and by the road. Shortly after that we will have all new promo materials, gift cards, etc. with the new name and logo. We plan on completing our name change over the course of the next 30 days.

We want to thank our customers and fans for your continued support, and we are excited to offer you even more in the near future as Hop Craft Supply Co!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please let us know. You can contact us by phone (989) 439-1135, Email: Contact@hopheadbrewsupply.com, Facebook: Facebook.com/hopheadbrewsupply or simply stop by our shop and chat!