The Clarifier Stainless Steel Filter - 5 Micron
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$ 30.99

The Clarifier is a new, reusuable, stainless steel, multistage filter cartridge for beer and wine.

Designed to fit in any standard 10" filter housing, it comes in 1, 2, and 5 micron versions.

This filter has a two stage design, with the first stage trapping hops and other large particles while the second stage filters out yeast and protein particles down to the filters rating.

Being reusable, the Clarifier pays for itself in just a few filters compared to other disposable equivalents.

The clarity that is achieved by this filter would normally take months of waited for the particles to settle out of your beer.

As a bonus, forcing your beer through the filter under CO2 pressure helps begin its dissolution into the beer.


- Stainless Steel & Silicone construction
- 5 Micron filter
- Reusable
- Two stage
- Fits standard 10" filter housings
- 10" x 1.25"