Star Gazer Hazy Double IPA All Grain Kit - Big Brew 2021
$ 39.99

Yield: 5 US gal (18.9 L)

Thank you to Big Brew 2021 sponsors BSG Handcraft and Lallemand Brewing.

This hazy double IPA was formulated to showcase the tropical and juicy aromas from BSG Hops’ Zamba™ blend and the minty and green-apple aroma notes from German Polaris hops. The grist is typical for the style, with a little boost from sucrose to increase wort gravity without adding non-fermentables or additional malt flavor. The hopping schedule and yeast strain are intended to set the stage for aroma retention and biotransformation while keeping hop bitterness in check.

Recipe creator Ashton Lewis says, “The name is also a bit odd and was inspired by the recent Great Conjunction and the use of North Star Pils ™ malt and Polaris (a.k.a. the North Star) hops.”

If you would like to use the suggested liquid yeast or a different yeast for your kit, please select the no yeast option, and you can purchase a different yeast separately. 

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