SA Southern Passion Pellet Hops 8 oz

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Just in from South Africa! These new hop varieties are available to brewers for the first time ever.

These hops were previously contracted completely to one sole buyer for years, restricting supply for everyone else.

These super rare hops have flavors of passionfruit, guava, red berries, melons and coconut, and as you would expect, they are very unique.

Perfect for all the popular styles.

Alpha Acids: 11.2% | Beta Acids: 6.0 - 8.0%

Pedigree: Diploid seedling originating from Saaz and Hallertauer crossing.

Brewing Usage: Dual Purpose

Aroma: Includes passion fruit (granadilla), guava, red berries, melon, calendula, and grapefruit – very unique.

Typical Beer Styles: IPAs, Pale Ales, NEIPAs, etc.

Additional InformationVERY Limited acreage and availability.

Southern Passion is a South African bred high alpha hop that works well with a variety of beer styles including lightly hopped session beers, and all hop-forward beers of American and Belgian origins such as pale ales, IPAs and Saisons.