MHA Michigan Nugget Pellet Hops 1 oz
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ALPHA: 14.3%  |  BETA: 5.9% 

Nugget Hops has an acute bitterness from its 9.5%-14.0% alpha acid content.

It provides the umph in many beer styles that require the hop jolt including imperial style ales.

Its a dual use hops that has green, herbal aroma.

It has a relatively low co-humulone oil content.

The myrcene oil is on the high side, which helps provide some of the woody tones.

Pedigree: Lineage includes Brewer's Gold, Canterbury Golding and Early Green

Brewing Usage: Bittering

Aroma: Mild and pleasant with spicy, herbal tones

Typical Beer Styles: Barley Wines

Additional Information: Released from the USDA breeding program in Oregon in 1983

Storage Stability: ~76% alpha remaining after 6 months

All Michigan hops are grown and processed in Michigan from Michigan Hop Alliance.