Immersion Inline Pre Chiller 12.5' x 3/8"
$ 29.99

This inline pre chiller is meant to be installed inline between your water source and your immersion chiller.

The pre chiller is then placed in a bucket of ice or ice water to chill your ground water for your immersion chiller.

This is especially helpful during the warmer months when your ground water is 85+ degrees.

Using the pre chiller will allow you to chill your wort faster, more efficiently and down to colder temps than using just your normal water source.

This pre chiller is 12.5' long made from 3/8" copper tubing.


Pre chiller ships with the following:

- (1) 5 length of clear vinyl tubing
- (2) stainless steel hose clamps
- 12.5' pre chiller unit