Draft Beer Tower - Two Faucets

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This double faucet tower has a great fit, finish, and value. This is a complete setup that comes with the tower, faucet, handle, beverage tubing, tail piece, and even includes insulation lining the inside of the tower.

This tower has screw holes pre drilled on the base for quick and easy installation on top of a fridge, freezer, countertop, or any other solid mountable surface you can think of. Pair this with a mini-fridge and you can come up with a very economical kegorator.

Includes 4' of 3/16" ID Beer line and tail piece/hex nut for connection to commercial sanke style keg.

If you are a homebrewer using Cornelius style kegs you can cut off the hex nut and attach a beverage out QD.


- 9 1/4" faucet height
- 12" overall height.

NOTE: Towers do not come with the wooden faucet handles as pictured. Includes black plastic faucet handle.