pH Meter - Hanna HI98103

$ 44.99

The Hanna Checker® makes advanced automation and simple one-button operation available. No manual adjustment for calibration. Big screen for easy viewing with a stability indicator to alert you when a stable reading has been obtained. Works for over 1,000 hours on one battery.

Even better, you can replace the electrode affordably, giving you a pH meter that can last years. Electrodes on all pH meters fail over time. Having a replaceable electrode means that you don’t have to throw out your meter when this happens. Just unscrew the old electrode and screw in the new one.

Pricing includes the HI98103 Checker, HI1271 pH electrode with cap, 2 x 4.01 buffer solution sachets, 2 x 7.01 buffer solution sachets, 2 x cleaning solution sachets, and plastic carrying case.

  • Extend the life of your Hanna pH Checker with a replaceable electrode.
  • Automatic calibration for accurate pH readings every time.
  • Great for environmental, field, and laboratory testing.