Castle Biscuit Malt 19L

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Malt Type: Specialty
Grain Origin: Europe
Wort Color: 17.5-21.5 °Lovibond (45-55 EBC)
Protein: 11.5%
Moisture: 4.7% max.
Extract (dry): 77% min.
Diastatic Power: 0 °Lintner
Usage: 15% max.

Château Biscuit™ malt is a lightly kilned and torrefied, Belgian specialty malt. It imparts a toasty, warm-bread flavor and aroma, and adds light to medium brown hues to the mash. The character of Biscuit™ malt can enhance the affect of roasted malts it might accompany. It has no diastatic power, and must be mashed with malts that have a surplus of enzymes. Suitable wherever its characteristics are desired, Biscuit™ malt is specifically recommended when brewing English or brown ales, or porters.