Briess Synergy Select Pilsen Malt 1.8L

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Malt Type: Base Malt
Grain Origin: North America
Wort Color: 1.8 °Lovibond
Protein: 10.9%
Moisture: 4.4% max.
Extract (dry): 83.3% min.
Diastatic Power: 100
Usage: 100% max.

The first is our Synergy Select Pilsen Malt, which is a true European-style Pilsen Malt that is rich in flavor, high in extract, and low in protein with moderate enzymes and FAN. Using a new AMBA variety, our maltsters picked the unique flood-irrigated, semi-arid plains of the Bighorn Basin in northern Wyoming for its ability to grow bright, clean, low protein Synergy barley. Then, individual fields were hand-selected for the best quality harvest and malted using European methods to produce a fine North American continental Pilsen malt. Expect balanced flavor with malty, subtle honey, bready, and cracker notes without any grassy or harsh character.