15 Gallon Stainless Deluxe Kettle w/Ball Valve
Our deluxe kettles are restaurant quality - featuring a tri-clad bottom of a 5mm layer of aluminum sandwiched between two layers of stainless. The tri-clad bottom reduces any potential scorching and also make the kettle much easier to clean. They are also punched from a single sheet so there is not interior weld line.

But the really cool feature that sets these apart is the fittings we weld into these kettles. The bottom fitting has male threads on the outside and female threads on the inside. The female threads allow you to add all kinds of stuff on the inside - screens, pick up tubes, or whatever else you can dream up. We also include a 2 piece stainless steel ball valve.

The welded in thermometer port comes with a plug but allows for an easy upgrade to a dial thermometer.