Aurora Amber Extract Beer Kit


Aurora Amber will paint a heavenly scene of rich malt flavor and subtle hop bitterness. Strokes of three different crystal malts combine for a beautiful, deep amber color and roasty flavor. Saaz and Cascade hops are present simply as an accent to this malt-forward brew. Featured Ingredients: Cascade and Czech Saaz Crystal 40, 60 & 120°L Malt CellarScience™ CALI Yeast...

Blonde Ale Extract Beer Kit

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As happy-go-lucky as a Fräulein at a Bierfest. This Blonde Ale is as easy-drinking as they come–light in color, low in esters, and with ample hop character to balance and accentuate the malt profile. A must brew for big party events. Featured Ingredients: Willamette Hops Ultralight LME CellarScience™ CALI Yeast Beer Stats: OG: 1.045 SRM: 4 IBUs: 20 ABV: 4.5%...

Citra SMASH Session Pale Ale Extract Beer Kit

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Off the wall citrus character makes this Session Pale Ale an absolute must-brew. A clean, hoppy beer that won’t make you lose your balance. Low SRM and low ABV so you can still kick-push through your weekend and enjoy a few pints along the way. Featured Ingredients: Citra® Hops CellarScience™ CALI Yeast Beer Stats: OG: 1.045 SRM: 4 IBUs: 43...

Fresh Crushed American IPA Extract Beer Kit

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So fresh you can’t help but crush it. Fresh Crushed IPA is loved for its pungent tropical aromas and citrusy flavor. A well-balanced American IPA with plenty of malt character to match the overwhelming juiciness. Beer Stats: OG: 1.067 SRM: 12 IBU’s: 60 ABV: 7.1%

Hop Sesh Session IPA Extract Beer Kit

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When you’re craving an intensely hoppy brew—but you want to have a few—give that dial a spin and call up your new squeeze! Hop Sesh IPA will whisper sweet nothings of citrus into your ear without dragging you down with the high alcohol content of typical IPAs. Featured Ingredients: Warrior®, Centennial, and Simcoe® Hops CellarScience™ CALI Yeast Beer Stats: OG:...

Hoppy Blonde Ale Extract Beer Kit

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Hoppy Blonde harmonizes a clean malt bill with a gentle hop bitterness, finishing with a Simcoe® dry hop addition that sets it apart from the other basic blondes. Featured Ingredients: Simcoe® Hops Ultralight LME & Light DME CellarScience™ CALI Yeast Beer Stats: OG: 1.051 SRM: 5 IBUs: 23 ABV: 5.1%

Imperial Advisor Imperial Stout Extract Beer Kit


Cunning enough to have advanced from trooper to officer, Imperial Advisor is a bold, deceptively complex stout with roasty, bready flavors and black-hearted notes of chocolate and coffee. Brace yourself, the ABV on this brew is set to stun. Featured Ingredients: Apollo, Northern Brewer and Willamette Hops Chocolate Malt & Roasted Barley   CellarScience™ ENGLISH Yeast Beer Stats: OG: 1.092 SRM:...

Midnight Rider Porter Extract Beer Kit

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Kick-start this Robust Porter and cruise off into the dead of night. Midnight Rider will light the way as you navigate dark lanes of chocolatey flavor and distinct roastiness. Don’t plan on your glass sitting idle after it’s been topped off with this delicious, dark beer. Featured Ingredients: Cascade and Fuggles Hops Chocolate Malt CellarScience™ ENGLISH Yeast Beer Stats: OG:...

Nut Brown Ale Extract Beer Kit

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Victory malt gives this beer a distinct nuttiness that’s so delicious it would make a squirrel forget where he buried his acorns. Nut Brown Ale takes the classic American Brown style and pushes the malt character even further. Medium bitterness with a mellow hop flavor. Featured Ingredients: Northern Brewer Hops Victory Malt   CellarScience™ ENGLISH Yeast Beer Stats: OG: 1.052–55 SRM:...

Pop's Pilsner Extract Beer Kit

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This Americanized version of the classic Bohemian lager is slightly sweeter but still crushably crisp and refreshing. Light and not too bitter. The ideal beer to have on tap when your Pops comes to visit. FEATURED INGREDIENTS:• Czech Saaz Hops• Ultralight LME• CellarScience™ GERMAN Yeast STATS: • OG: 1.045 • SRM: 3 • IBU’s: 44 • ABV: 4.7%

Stratasphere Hazy Double IPA Extract Beer Kit

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Blast off through layers upon layers of atmospheric hop flavor! This Strata-forward Hazy DIPA was engineered to deliver a payload of tropical and dank flavor. A soft mouthfeel and low bitterness allow your senses to gravitate directly to this beer’s delicious hop character. Featured Ingredients: Strata, Citra® and Galaxy Hops Flaked Wheat & Oats CellarScience™ CALI Yeast Beer Stats: OG:...